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The Time is Now to Find Your Japanese Ancestors


December 29, 2012 by Valerie Elkins

It’s been on your list for awhile. You have been wanting to find your family in Japan for awhile now, but something else keeps comes up.

You don’t speak or read the language. You are not sure where to begin…so you hesitate.


Let me light a fire under you and give you some motivation to get started and not delay any longer.

Recent changes in Japanese koseki records are the number 1 reason not to put it off any longer.

Koseki records are being updated into easier to kanji to read – the problem is they are not including all the information that was once on the original record. Right now you can request the old version, the one that is written in hard to decipher ancient characters but rich in family history information. How much longer the old version will be available is uncertain.

Also, it has been reported that older koseki are being destroyed. This makes my heart break at the thought. All that history lost.

So, unless things change – the clock is ticking. GET IT DONE NOW!

If you need help in finding your ancestry, locating your ancestor’s city hall or translating your records, contact me and lets get started before time runs out. ¬†Email me at:

Find your family and your heritage. Time waits for no one.


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