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Valerie Elkins has been doing genealogy research for over 20 years and is the chief researcher for Advantage Genealogy. What gives Valerie the advantage you need and want when researching your ancestors?

Valerie has worked at the world renownFamily History Library in Salt Lake City as a research consultant assisting Japanese patrons with their ancestry research.

Advantage Genealogy employs expert native Japanese translators to ensure accuracy in the translation of documents written in old Japanese characters.

Advantage Genealogy has successfully located hundreds of Japanese ancestors for our clients.

Valerie learned the language and culture while living and working in Japan. She is fluent in the language and familiar with the culture and writing of Japan and has a deep respect for the people and their heritage.

Advantage Genealogy truly gives you the advantage in locating your ancestors – no matter where they are located.

Valerie Elkins is a trusted professional and has done consultant and research work for the TV production of Generations Project as well as for the production company responsible for Who Do You Think You Are?TV show.

Valerie is a member of the following Professional Associations and Societies:

  • APG Association of Professional Genealogists
  • FGS Federation of Genealogical Societies
  • NGS National Genealogical Society
  • ISFHWE International Society of Family History Writers and Editors
  • UGA Utah Genealogical Association
  • GSG Genealogical Speakers Guild
  • NAMW National Association of Memoir Writers

Advantage Genealogy provides world-class genealogy services and client satisfaction. Read what some of Valerie’s clients have to say about her.



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